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‘Don’t Shoot Me Santa’

‘Don’t Shoot Me Santa’ by the Killers came crooning out of my XM radio this weekend. Santa’s got more than presents in his sleigh for good girls and boys. This Christmas he’s also got a bullet in his gun for … Continue reading

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Hey now! Don't dream it's over.

When my colleagues first presented me with the idea of a blog entitled, “Through The Ears Of An Entrepreneur,” I wondered if it could truly serve as a platform for interesting thoughts, opinions and dialogue between Small Army and marketing … Continue reading

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Video Killed the Radio Star

They took the credit for your second symphony Rewritten by machine and new technology And now I understand the problems you can see Video killed the radio star In my mind and in my car We can’t rewind we’ve gone … Continue reading

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Being from Texas, I like a good dose of country music now and again…

Being from Texas, I like a good dose of country music now and again so I rolled the knob on my XM radio over to channel 12 the other day and I heard Cross Canadian Ragweed singing… Them boys from … Continue reading

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The Prologue To the Blog

The other day, some of my colleagues and I were sitting around talking about the greatest songs of all time. And the conversation turned to the meanings of some of those songs, their inspiration, or how the song had been … Continue reading

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