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Love Story

Your speakers are blowing Your ears are wrecking Your hearing damage You wish you felt better You wish you felt better You can do no wrong In my eyes, in my eyes You can do no wrong In my eyes, … Continue reading

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Thomas the Tank – He's a Really Useful Engine

He’s a really useful engine, you know All the other engines they’ll tell you so He huffs and puffs and whistles Rushing to and fro He’s the really useful engine we adore All this talk of Search Engine Optimization is … Continue reading

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Balls the size of Texas

CHORUS [G] Big Ball’s in [G7] Cowtown [C] We’ll all go [G] down [G] Big Ball’s in [G7] Cowtown [D] We’ll dance a-[G] round. I was in a client meeting on Friday when we presented an ad campaign that made … Continue reading

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Portrait of the artist as a marketing entrepreneur

“The way that our album looks, the way that our music sounds, the words that we use in the lyrics, the way the videos look – it’s all essentially a part of the same thing which is Vampire Weekend…I think … Continue reading

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SXSW: Information Overload in Tweet-Sized Chunks

At first, it seems ironic to see the leaders of the “140-character culture” get together for a 5-day conference filled with hour-long presentations and panel discussions.   But this same culture has created information overload, so perhaps the SXSW “fire-hose” experience … Continue reading

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SXSW: A lesson in human behavior

If you ever get close to a human And human behavior Be ready, be ready to get confused There’s definitely, definitely, definitely no logic To human behavior But yet so, yet so irresistible –       Human Behavior, Bjork This song introduced … Continue reading

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Why we need to turn more than Japanese

American entrepreneurs should be thinking bigger than they ever considered before. In 2008, China overtook Americans on the Internet; US 163.3 million users, China 179.7 million users. Our innovative ideas have such a huge potential audience now that it gives … Continue reading

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Power to the People at SXSW

While much of the SXSW hype is often about the music, I believe John Lennon would be even more intrigued by the interactive tracks. Although I only physically sat in 6 sessions on Saturday, the power of the people on … Continue reading

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The Small Army Musical Entrepreneur Test

Have you heard about the Isenberg Entrepreneur Test? It was published in the Harvard Business Review and I checked it out because the author (Professor Daniel Isenberg) has shaped the minds of a number of budding entrepreneurs at respected academic … Continue reading

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A musical suggestion for the newspaper industry

Mother doesn’t go out anymore Just sits at home and rolls her spastic eyes But every weekend through the door Come words of wisdom from the world outside Every day, we hear about the slow demise of the newspaper industry.  … Continue reading

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