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What do you dream about?

When Foreigner’s Juke Box Hero began playing on my iPhone recently, a chill came over me.  I hadn’t heard this song in ages.  But, it immediately took me back to my high school days.  I remember listening to the song … Continue reading

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The Social Network introduces the Creep

Remember that Radiohead song, “Creep”, it’s like an ode to social inadequacy? This is the cover of that song for the new trailer, “The Social Network” by David Fincher. There’s a drone to the song that is haunting. And coupled … Continue reading

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Converse has a big head all summer

Converse has reached back into its musical bag to come up with a new track and video to help give its shoe marketing a kick in the pants this summer. The song is called “All Summer”, featuring Cudi, Rostam Batmanglij … Continue reading

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Old Spice: How trust and respect can create great advertising

Unless you’ve been living under a rock this week, you’ve likely heard the buzz about The Old Spice Man and his real-time video responses to questions from the social media community ( The advertising industry will be talking about this … Continue reading

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Breathing new life into a yellow submarine

Entrepreneurism isn’t always about coming up with something totally brand new. Sometimes it’s about taking an old idea and breathing new life into it. Making it seem brand new again. That’s how I felt about the Gorillaz when I saw … Continue reading

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