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Pandora Perfection

Every day, one of the toughest decisions we face at Small Army is the music selection. Which Pandora station will win above all? Music is a way of life in our office. It sets the tone for the day. And … Continue reading

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Twirk Ethic & The Amen Break

Confession: Recently, I have been a blog addict. Not just because there’s so much wonderful material out there, but more because I finally set up Google Reader and it has made my blog reading experience amazing! I can scroll down … Continue reading

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Bold Move

“A few friends of mine, upon making an initial donation to my campaign mentioned they’d double or even quadruple their donations if I actually shaved my head and not just don the bald cap. I couldn’t pass up that opportunity … Continue reading

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Creativity Gets Noticed

It often takes more than pure talent for a musician to get noticed and stay recognized.  Popular musicians and celebrities are always seen doing outrageous things in magazines, on the Internet and on television. Lady Gaga is one of the … Continue reading

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The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

When the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park at Universal Orlando Resorts was ready to be announced to the world, it fell to the magic of Cindy Gordon, vice president of new media and marketing partnerships at UOR. … Continue reading

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Don't let perfection prevent success

I’m sure there are quite a few things that make Cher crazy – here, she credits “perfection” as being one of them. As an entrepreneur and marketer, I have been also been a victim of perfection. But, I have since … Continue reading

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