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Creativity Gets Noticed

It often takes more than pure talent for a musician to get noticed and stay recognized.  Popular musicians and celebrities are always seen doing outrageous things in magazines, on the Internet and on television.

Lady Gaga is one of the most recognized musicians of today. I regularly see photos or video clips of her wearing ridiculous outfits made of bright, unknown materials that you would never see anyone else wearing.  Often people view her “fashion statements” and music videos as weird and disturbing, but I personally think she is genius and has found a creative way of getting herself noticed. People who don’t listen to her music, still know who she is because of the unusual way she markets herself.

Another musician that found a new way to get discovered is Sum 41, the punk rock band known for songs like “Fat Lip” and “Still Waiting.” The band constantly sent out just their music to record companies, but they couldn’t seem to get noticed.  They then decided to create an outrageous video of them mocking the MTV show “Jack Ass” where the band members performed humorous pranks and dangerous stunts.  These creative videos landed them a record deal.

Advertisers also use outside-the-box thinking. Samsung recently released a new campaign for their memory cards called “The Paper Planes Project.”  Samsung will release 100 paper planes with memory cards into the atmosphere from a weather balloon, sending them off to different areas of the world. Each memory card will hold a message from a person who has uploaded it onto the Samsung website.  This new and creative campaign is designed to show how durable Samsung’s memory cards are while getting their customers involved.

Next time you’re trying to get something noticed, try a creative approach. What most people view as normal or right isn’t always the most interesting.

What weird thing have you done to get noticed?

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