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The Background

(go ahead & press play if you haven’t already)

When Kaitlin Maud asked me to guest blog here, she said:  “In many ways you are an entrepreneur, and as a DJ you instinctively understand the way in which music sets the background to anything we do in life.”  Right off the bat, I agreed with the latter of those two statements.  But it took a bit more chewing for me to digest the former.

She’s right, as it turns out.  I am an entrepreneur.  I learned that lesson back in August of 2009 when my former employer, the legendary 104.1-FM WBCN, flipped formats, putting me out of work.  Immediately, I was forced to go into “the business of me.”  I’m sure many of you reading this can relate:  whether it’s you yourself or a former coworker or friend or family member, it’s seems we’ve all been doing some time on the breadline.  And whether you’re employed or unemployed, working for yourself or someone else, it’s important to understand that YOU are an entrepreneur, too.  And you’re in “the business of you.”  You are your own enterprise.  You are your own venture.  You are your own brand.

With the bevy of social networking tools at our disposal, making ourselves our business is, well, quite obvious, right?  Or is it?  In all of our Twittering & posting, we need to be mindful of what’s on in the background.  Bloggers by the dozens tell of the importance of using social media to share, brand, & converse.  We need to make sure that, in all of our sharing and conversing, our brand is what’s playing in the background.  It gives our current employers and coworkers a clear idea of who we are and what we’re about, and makes it that much easier to showcase ourselves to prospective employers–many of whom may well be the one’s we’re currently retweeting.

And don’t be afraid to crank up the volume, just as Mogwai are about to do in the song posted above.  Just choose your music wisely, making sure your background backs up your brand.  In fact, why not choose a song now?  Make it a song that describes some central aspect of your personality:  your attitude, your vibe in general.  And be sure to post it below so we can all enjoy it… and learn more about you.

    Our guest blogger, the legendary Adam12, can be heard on Boston’s WFNX weekday’s 2pm-7pm.

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    5 Responses to The Background

    1. Adam Blye says:

      Good post!

      My background song would have to be the Street Dogs “You Alone”. I listen to this song whenever I need to be reminded that I need to stick up for what I believe is the right thing to do and it also motivates me to put my gears in motion, because it all boils down to what YOU can do to help yourself, as opposed to waiting for someone/thing to bail you out.

    2. Adam 12 says:

      Great tune with a great message, Adam. Thanks for reading & for the response. Think I might have to fire that one up on the way home tonight…

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    4. Kelsey Graham says:

      So true! I’m definitely learning how important it is to think about myself as a brand. Especially as a young/new person to advertising, it’s an important part of succeeding in this industry.

    5. thanks to the author for taking his clock time on this one.

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