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Small Army's 2011 Predictions

As promised, we present Small Army’s contribution to the pool of 2011 predictions. While most of us were too superstitious to give predictions- we were able to put together a comprehensive list covering pop culture, advertising, social media and, well, … Continue reading

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Stop thinking, start doing

I’ve had a busy year.  At work, yes, but in life as well. There was a move in September.  Down three flights of stairs in Back Bay.  94 degrees and humid.  By noon, I had already sweat out all available … Continue reading

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Through the Ears of a (hip-hop) Entrepreneur

Believe what you will, but the truth is that 99% of famous and successful musicians didn’t just record a song and sit around waiting for a deal to knock on their door. In 2000 record sales were ten times what … Continue reading

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Storytelling 2010

This time of year always rehashes the old “Best of” lists and we begin to amass 2011 predictions. The advertising world is no exception to the trend. From Ad Age’s “Biggest Stories of 2010” to Twitter’s “Year in Review: Trends” … Continue reading

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Can I get a witness?

Everyone has at least one band or artist about whom they are evangelical. I have several, actually, but chief amongst these is Hundred Reasons, a little known band from the UK who’ve stuck it out for 10 years despite having … Continue reading

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Sometimes Less is More

Brands are always trying to find the best way to grab the consumer’s attention.  It’s easy to assume that the best results come from big, expensive ad campaigns, but sometimes less is more.  Don’t get me wrong, I am all … Continue reading

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