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Bad music + Bad press = Good idea?

“Yesterday was Thursday. Today is Friday. We, we, we, so excited.” Profound lyricism, huh? Add a tween’s monotone voice, some Auto-Tune and voila! Instant hit! Thirteen-year-old Rebecca Black recently became an overnight celebrity when her music video for “Friday” was … Continue reading

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A Museum Without Walls

Most 20-somethings spend their time eating out of boxes of pizza, not scrawling the beginning of a dream on them. But that’s exactly how the organization now known as Design Museum Boston started. Sam Aquillano and Derek Cascio, both 28 … Continue reading

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Hitting a False Note

Sitting in traffic this past Monday, I was trying to find a radio station that didn’t make my ears bleed. I scanned through endless channels of eighties music and right wing talk radio. Eventually I came across the opening lines … Continue reading

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A great performance can go a long way

Have you ever gone to see one of your favorite bands in concert, and walked away completely uninspired? It’s happened quite a few times to me – the worst of which was seeing Boston in 1988. They sounded great, but … Continue reading

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Crazy Stories Work Too

I was riding the waves of the Internet this morning when I stumbled across a 2009 interview with a band named Major Lazer. If you haven’t heard of Major Lazer, they are a collaboration between DJs Diplo and Switch that … Continue reading

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