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Never Judge a Book by Its Cover

Two years ago a 47 year-old, plainly-dressed singer stepped on the stage of one of the most glamorous shows ever. Deemed as a complete misfit, mocked by judges and almost rejected by the audience, she sang, “I Dreamed a Dream”. … Continue reading

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Can the Bohemian Rhapsody Save the World?

In a nutshell, yes it can. When I saw Jake get up in front of a crowd of thousands at a TED conference with his ukelele, I thought, “Dude, step away from the mic.” As Jake pointed out in the … Continue reading

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We just love makin’ ads, dude

About a year ago my roommate asked if a local Boston band called The Thin Heir could play an acoustic show in our living room. Not knowing anything about them, I asked her to send me some of their stuff … Continue reading

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Can you call your consumers “dirty little freaks”?

For the last few months Pink has been calling me “an underdog, a freak, a fool, too school for cool” and other totally awful things. The truth is, I simply love it. It’s because she makes me feel one of … Continue reading

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Just below the surface of our everyday world lie riches

Too much time passed since I listened to one of my favorite recording (and performance) artists, Laurie Anderson – and then one day my husband, Ken, surprised me with her latest recording, Homeland. Smitten from beginning to end, the recording, … Continue reading

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The Moral of the Story

Last night real life blended with work life- I was able to see how “The Moral of the Story” applies to more than just Small Army’s marketing approach. My son had just finished reading “Big Fish: A Novel of Mythic … Continue reading

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