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Kids These Days…

Back in college, I was really into punk music. This was many moons ago. Seriously, lots of them. I’m old. I don’t know how many moons are in a year, but if you multiply whatever that number is by thirteen, you’ll know the approximate number of moons. This paragraph would probably be much more relevant if we were writing this blog exclusively for werewolves, but anyway…

I was into punk music, but I wasn’t really a punk kid (no tattoos for this boy). I’d go to shows around New England with a couple of my best friends. There were certain bands that we liked in particular (Saves the Day is one that’s still around) but one of my favorite things about going to shows was discovering new bands. The opening band, which I’d typically never have heard of before, would get up on stage, and my first thought would be, ‘Hey, I wonder when they’ll be done. Maybe I should go pee.’ But then, sometimes, they’d win me over. I discovered many a new favorite band this way.With the explosion of social media these days, kids have no idea how hard it used to be to track down music from obscure bands. I’d go months sometimes looking for the CD of a new band I had seen perform. Most of the bands didn’t even have websites (gasp!).

A band that I really like, Moving Mountains, put out a new album this week. I first heard about Moving Mountains when the singer of another band I like, Say Anything, mentioned them in a tweet. At the time, they were a fairly obscure band, but the Twitter mention was only one way that I could have found them. Pandora could have suggested them to me. I could have seen a friend on Facebook ‘like’ their page.

Do I have a point? Absolutely. All brands these days need to be fully participating in social media. You never know who’s going to find you.

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