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Work Shouldn’t Be The Same ‘Old, Same ‘Old.

I used to work in an office; I mean a legit “office”. The kind with real cubicles filled with beanie baby collections and other creepy personal items to wash away the tan and beige horror of their surroundings. Sure this was the creative department, but no one treated it that way. The most creative thing that ever happened there was when Jim From Sales wore cargo shorts on Friday instead of his Charcoal Heather Dockers. (Speaking of which, have you seen these new Dockers? Who are they kidding with the grunge text and stylized photos? These are still khakis people.) Anyway, one doesn’t sign up to work in the creative field to be told, “You can’t wear a T-shirt Monday through Thursday, but you can on Friday! So long as HR approves the imagery mind you, we don’t want to offend anyone! Well mostly Blanch, she has been here 35 years and doesn’t approve of punny shirts or your tattoos.”

You see I got into this field to get away from collared shirt requirements and the meetings to set up meetings of the more corporate world. I don’t want to be surrounded by coworkers rotting away in their cubes, headphones on, slumped over a keyboard and hiding their facebook page pretending to work. I wanted to wear Who Sharted?TM T-shirts and comfy shorts openly at work while stalking old high school friends facebook albums. This doesn’t even need to necessarily apply to creative jobs, but does placing dress codes on employees make people work harder? Has a CFO ever looked at his company’s performance and said, “We could increase profitability 5% if we just would stop allowing employees to wear collarless shirts on Friday. In addition our third quarter earnings could increase 2% if we only allowed Capri shorts instead of traditional knee length shorts.” Actually it probably has, how else do people justify wearing suits to work?

Lighten up. Let people enjoy themselves at work. If Jarome In Billing wants to wear a cut off shirt and stonewashed jeans to work let him. Stop firewalling sites because it allows peoples minds to wander. They need to. Bret couldn’t have sang it in a falsetto any better, “I’m always working, slaving every day, gotta get break from the same ‘ol, same ‘ol.” We all need a chance to get away and some of us like to do it wearing shorts on Tuesday. Keep your employees happy don’t make work a grind.


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6 Responses to Work Shouldn’t Be The Same ‘Old, Same ‘Old.

  1. Monica says:

    Well said, B-rand! It’s so true – a happy employee is a good employee. 🙂

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