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Believe in the Process

By Rachel Bukstein

I was wondering the other day.. If I were to write a novel, would I plan out the story from start to finish, detailing each plot twist, or would I let the story unravel naturally?

I think sometimes in advertising we (clients, account execs, creative- all of us) are to blame for trying to force the story. We start a project off by limiting ourselves. We say this ad must be this or it must be that. It has to be dark blue and contain a picture of a child eating watermelon on a boat. There are often so many plot lines to follow it doesn’t leave the creatives much room to actually be creative.

The creative process is real, and if you believe in it and nurture it, it does work.  But like the Rolling Stones wrote, “You can’t always get what you want.” You might really want a TV spot featuring a puppy, but if that is not right for the brand, then what’s the point? So, be patient and believe in the process because in the end  “… You get what you need.”

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