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How Pinteresting…

It’s a tough world out there; tough to get a job, tough to find a nice date (well, for me anyways…) and especially tough for marketers and advertisers to break through the thick clutter of the ad world and get consumers to notice their brands.

So how do you get noticed? How do you impress your consumer where every single word would come out insightful or brave or smooth or charming? (Am I on a Dashboard kick or what? I guess Chris Carrabba really mesmerized me at the Paradise Rock Club a few months back…)

Pinterest, the hot new social media network boasts an awesome opportunity for marketers to target consumers based on their interests and the things they post to their virtual cork boards like food, fashion, vacation spots, beauty, etc. When you get down to it, Pinterest is a marketers dream; it’s a consumer psychographic break down. Consumers can be visually mapped, based on what they pin, what they comment on, and what they like. Retailers such as Nordstrom have taken full advantage of this and use Pinterest to track trends and styles the community likes based on user engagement.

Pinterest doesn’t just act as a great tool for marketers to track consumer interests, but may also drive purchases. Online retailer Etsy pins looks from their website and embed direct links to products that users may like.

This social media outlet has not only broken through the clutter of other hopeful networks but also provides an avenue for marketers and advertisers to understand their consumers in a whole new, visual way. So don’t mope around hoping for consumers to want you, need you, and notice you; you may have been aided by the wonderful world of social media.

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animal lover, music enthusiast, suffolk student, account management & social media intern @smallarmyagency. italian at heart.
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3 Responses to How Pinteresting…

  1. Ashish says:

    This post is spot on but I think it illuminates the spam problem that Pinterest is going to have in the not to distant future.

    Services like this are always great when its just a few of your closest Facebook friends but I’d be worried that as soon as the flood gates open and *everyone* is there it’ll lose its appeal as the malicious spammers take hold along with Aunt Milly who insists on pinning every lolcat she can find.


    • Lauren Pelkey says:


      Thank you for your feedback! You make a good point. Do you think that because it is an invite only site that Aunt Milly might not join in on the action? Do you think that Pinterest may soon create a “friend only” navigation instead of an open forum layout so that you can only see what your friends are pinning? Let me know what you think!

      Lauren Mae

  2. Karline Charl says:

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