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What the Lion King can teach you about damage control.

The Lion King is one of those childhood movies I recently watched again (in 3-D!) I watched baby Simba have all signs of life around Pride Rock bow down to him on Day 1 of his life. In addition to about 87 minutes of expected fun and chummy “Hakuna Matata” times, I realized how much darker the topics were in the movie’s storyline through the eyes of a non-six year old. (How did mini-me come out unscathed from scenes of deception, abandonment and death?)

And what about Scar? He’s a concoction of my greatest fears blended into lion form. Long movie short, Scar tries to kill his brother (Mufasa) and his brother’s son (Simba) to take over the kingdom. Quintessential to all Disney movies, Scar explains this to his subordinates via song.

Hyena insults aside, Scar pep talks his armies for upcoming plans regarding his kingdom of doom. He romps above all the hyenas and belts out in his mischievous voice how he is about to massacre all the good in Pride Rock and replace it with Scar time. He exposes his murderous plans and highly encourages his minions to “be prepared for the murkiest scam!”

Parallel to real life, businesses should definitely be prepared to tackle their own murkiest scam. Whether it’s an unexpected glitch in the system that causes harm to others, or the unjust behavior of their own employees, businesses should try their best to let never their competitors see them sweat.

In recent years, we’ve seen plenty of high-level company scandals come out of the woodwork. These unethical plots were obviously contrived for the personal gain of a small group and were in no way relevant to the best interest of the greater good or the company itself.

So, ethical education aside, think about how you would deal with a PR crisis due to the unethical behavior of even just a few of your own people. Even if these employees are reprimanded, terminated, or even charged in the court of law, the brand takes a hit. The situation will dictate your immediate actions, but think about how you would help your brand recover.

Of course, the situations are never as black and white as Scar’s character in the Lion King, but it’s always better to be prepared.

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3 Responses to What the Lion King can teach you about damage control.

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