Through the ears of an entrepreneur

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Get real. Follow your dream.

“The sad face of dreamers, waking to the life that passed them by. They follow forever the flame that holds their eyes.”

Keep up with the flame.

Make things happen.

In 2006, Chicago-based band Wax on Radio released Exposition – their only studio album to date. The continuous play of dynamic instrumentals, heartfelt echoing vocals, and mysteriously poetic verses resonated with fans – surely suggesting the success of later releases. In 2012, fans are still doubtfully waiting for more.

In 2007 the band was signed to a major label following the success of their debut album, but quickly became disenchanted with the terms of their contract – leading to their breakup until it expired. The label wanted them to change – to alter their creative path, but that’s not how they sought to make a name for themselves. It wasn’t their dream.

They remained unwilling to lessen the integrity of their music for commercial gain. Faced with an ultimatum, they accepted their plight: obscurity in an ever-evolving music industry. Would it be fair to say they were unsuccessful? Probably not.

And, even if you were to say so, it doesn’t matter.

Your reality is what you make of it. Not anyone else. You.

They followed a dream. They shared their art only as they wanted it to be shared. They played by their own rules.

Entrepreneurialism is, in its purist form, the product of dreams, aspirations, and drive. It’s all about motivation. Passion. Success is the subjectively defined, but universally desired, consequence. All entrepreneurs may not find financial success, fame, or security, but the chance to leave all regrets and ‘what if’s’ behind – by accepting the risks associated with following your dream – yields a valuable reward all its own.

Tales of corporate executives who forfeited their fortunes for modest livelihoods as innkeepers or farm-owners; hobbyists who turned their passions into multi-million dollar video game contracts; and other unlikely success stories are shared every day.

The world we live in today, the cars we drive, and the technology we hold in our hands, were all shaped by people who had dreamt to do something different. People may have told them at one time or another that it could never work, that it was impractical, or that the uncertainty was too great.

But, these are people who did what they did because they believed in themselves – whether they accepted risks, success, defeat, or all of those things.

In today’s competitive global business landscape, all too often lofty goals and aspirations fall by the wayside for the better interest of financial gain, security, or any number of other reasons.

“As we fill our lives, we all realize – how we spend our days is what becomes our lives.”

When following your entrepreneurial dreams, the difference between practicality and recklessness is hope. It means believing in what you want, what you are capable of, and why you have a story worth telling.

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