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Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Somewhere over the rainbow

Skies are blue,

And the dreams that you dare to dream

Really do come true.”

We all have our very own dreamlands to enter, to conquer, and to cherish. Entrepreneurs are passionate adventurers who often lead their journeys with romantic naiveté, a few enthusiastic supporters, and an envisioned promised land in their hearts– just like Dorothy did.

#Bold Adventure, Daring Attempt

Dorothy’s adventure happened almost like an unforeseen accident: she woke up in a house carried by the tornado. Entrepreneurs, despite the time and money they invest in market positioning, customer targeting, and actual execution, often find themselves ‘somewhat unprepared’ in the swamp of market challenges and competitions. What both Dorothy and entrepreneurs have in common to encourage them to continue their exploration is indeed their own naiveté, which makes them firmly (sometimes, recklessly) believe that each step, whether it’s a failed or fortunate one, has its own reasonable value – a reason that gives them a lesson for now, and might have a meaning for later. Ironically, this almost child-like attitude matures them with greater perseverance to push forward in pursuit of their vision during the startup period. And when facing a crisis, having a sense of humor is essential for a successful leader. Dorothy was an ideal example who possesses this virtue. I mean really, who keeps their hair-braided and sings merrily in the time of disaster?

#The Crew

Dorothy was accompanied by the ‘crew’ on her adventure, which includes a Scarecrow, a Tin Man, and a Cowardly Lion.  Each respectively lacked a brain, a heart, and courage. Entrepreneurs also work in some sort of team most of the time. With diverse people whose strengths and weaknesses are different from one another, they create a harmonious dynamic and further, a community that has its own culture. Dorothy’s three companions, who have initially very low self-esteem overcome their flaws and discover their impactful assets to sustain and complete the journey together. Supporters, therefore, are key part for entrepreneurs to endure and grow in the market.

#Rainbow: Romantic Visionary

It’s about seeing the land behind and beyond. Entrepreneurs are the most romantic professionals, to say the least. They create a community, a dynamic, and a culture that can be shared with various consumers, whom they sometimes never meet personally. Their ultimate challenge is to constantly reinvent themselves to overcome the existing and tangible messages out there. Under the pressure and fear that they face as leaders and followers, entrepreneurs must seek to reach constant goals, ‘somewhere over the rainbow…’

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