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Believe in the Process

By Rachel Bukstein I was wondering the other day.. If I were to write a novel, would I plan out the story from start to finish, detailing each plot twist, or would I let the story unravel naturally? I think … Continue reading

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The Lady Gaga Obsession

It’s official. She’s a success in my eyes. She had a spot on 60 Minutes for gosh darn sake! Right before she arrived in an egg at the Grammy’s and birthed herself. Wow. Let me say that again, she birthed … Continue reading

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Small Army's favorite Super Bowl ad

The Small Army votes are in. The winner of the 2011 Super Bowl Commercial Small Army vote is the Volkswagen Darth Vader spot. Is it because it doesn’t have so much to do with car? (Since we all can agree … Continue reading

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What I want, you've got!

It stems back to when they first added automatic phone recordings to our lives: you call, it predicts what you want, you get frustrated and hit 0 over and over and over again… until you finally get an operator who … Continue reading

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The Undead Sociologist: Social Media Goffman-style

Being a sociology major, I’ve had a lot of exposure to Erving Goffman. His claim to fame was his theory of dramaturgy: the idea that interactions between people were conducted on a “stage” and were a type of performance. Each person has a backstage and a front stage and can play a variety of roles. Where those roles intersect, people begin to construct their identity. Continue reading

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Getting Discovered: Myspace vs. BandCamp

My brother and I recently embarked on the self-promotion path. We are both songwriters and musicians and social media is an extremely valuable tool to share our music, tell our story and, ideally, get discovered. Being that my brother is … Continue reading

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Twirk Ethic & The Amen Break

Confession: Recently, I have been a blog addict. Not just because there’s so much wonderful material out there, but more because I finally set up Google Reader and it has made my blog reading experience amazing! I can scroll down … Continue reading

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Phoenix, 1901

Girlfriend, you know your girlfriend’s drifting away Past and present, 1855-1901 Watch them build up a material tower Think it’s not gonna stay anyway Think it’s overrated For a minute, thought I couldn’t tell how to fall out “Watch them … Continue reading

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