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Come On, Be Memorable

You’re in the car with a few buddies when it comes pulsing through the speakers.  You’ve heard it before, so you know how this works.  These high-pitched staccato notes will soon be joined by a deep, electronic sound and then … Continue reading

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Always be my… Customer?

Let’s go back to 1996.  Clinton is reelected, Dolly the cloned sheep is born (created?), and I turn 7 in November.  In my opinion, however, one of the best things to come out of 1996 was Mariah Carey’s “Always Be … Continue reading

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Fewer Distractions, More Quality!

If you’ve ever seen a movie starring Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel, or Arnold Schwarzenegger, then you’ve seen a sick action sequence.  Maybe it was a car chase, maybe it was a thirty-on-one fight, or maybe it was just Arnold yelling … Continue reading

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Shut Up and Let Me Go

You wake up in the morning (a) feelin’ like P. Diddy, and (b) with what could possibly be an industry-changing idea.  An idea so original that you’re sure it will send your company straight to the top of the food … Continue reading

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