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No one is irreplaceable.

A few weeks ago, I went to the Bank of America Pavillion to see Night Ranger, Foreigner and Journey – a few of my all-time favorite bands.  (When you are done laughing, you may continue.) The stadium was filled with … Continue reading

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Hollywood’s Favorite Costume Party: The 53rd Grammys

In case watching the Grammys didn’t leave you asking this question, I hope the above video has led you to ponder: what are the kids wearing these days? Seriously. I get the whole “character” element of musicians, but I’m starting … Continue reading

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The Lady Gaga Obsession

It’s official. She’s a success in my eyes. She had a spot on 60 Minutes for gosh darn sake! Right before she arrived in an egg at the Grammy’s and birthed herself. Wow. Let me say that again, she birthed … Continue reading

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