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Is JCPenney Chasing Waterfalls?

Listen, I’m not saying to stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to. I’m all about letting a new creative strategy take a brand to a whole new level. But is JCPenney chasing a waterfall with their … Continue reading

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Hitting a False Note

Sitting in traffic this past Monday, I was trying to find a radio station that didn’t make my ears bleed. I scanned through endless channels of eighties music and right wing talk radio. Eventually I came across the opening lines … Continue reading

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Crazy Stories Work Too

I was riding the waves of the Internet this morning when I stumbled across a 2009 interview with a band named Major Lazer. If you haven’t heard of Major Lazer, they are a collaboration between DJs Diplo and Switch that … Continue reading

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Through the Ears of a (hip-hop) Entrepreneur

Believe what you will, but the truth is that 99% of famous and successful musicians didn’t just record a song and sit around waiting for a deal to knock on their door. In 2000 record sales were ten times what … Continue reading

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Stay Humble

Everyone loves a rag-to-riches story because America was founded upon a sense of can-be-done. You want to walk on the moon? You want to be the king of the East Coast hip-hop scene? You want that legacy? Tryin’ to get … Continue reading

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Set Your Goal

When Dwayne Carter was just a pre-teen he set a goal for himself: he was going to be the best rapper alive.  That aspiring hip-hop artist was a New Orleans resident who now goes by the name of “Lil Wayne.”  … Continue reading

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US Soccer Needs an Anthem

Tomorrow, the US soccer team plays its first World Cup game against England.  I’m not sure what I make of our chances to win.  I mean, being the only team in the tournament that calls the game “soccer” is a bad enough … Continue reading

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