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Wingsplay: Invading or Invited?

Back in the Mad Men days, advertising mediums were pretty much limited to print, TV and radio, where consumers could keep it at arms length if they wished. With the birth of Internet advertising some 15+ years ago, a whole … Continue reading

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Always be my… Customer?

Let’s go back to 1996.  Clinton is reelected, Dolly the cloned sheep is born (created?), and I turn 7 in November.  In my opinion, however, one of the best things to come out of 1996 was Mariah Carey’s “Always Be … Continue reading

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Creativity is what sets us apart

OkGo is one of those bands that has always been on my iPod, but I’ve never gone online and watched their music videos… until recently. After playing their video “This Too Shall Pass,” I was left in a state of … Continue reading

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True Creativity Transcends All

Last Sunday as I was busy baking and my husband was surfing channels, I heard my favorite Bollywood song. Surprised I looked at the TV and there it was as the opening score of “Inside Man”. I couldn’t believe how … Continue reading

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Can you call your consumers “dirty little freaks”?

For the last few months Pink has been calling me “an underdog, a freak, a fool, too school for cool” and other totally awful things. The truth is, I simply love it. It’s because she makes me feel one of … Continue reading

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