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Is JCPenney Chasing Waterfalls?

Listen, I’m not saying to stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to. I’m all about letting a new creative strategy take a brand to a whole new level. But is JCPenney chasing a waterfall with their … Continue reading

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Hitting a False Note

Sitting in traffic this past Monday, I was trying to find a radio station that didn’t make my ears bleed. I scanned through endless channels of eighties music and right wing talk radio. Eventually I came across the opening lines … Continue reading

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Small Army's 2011 Predictions

As promised, we present Small Army’s contribution to the pool of 2011 predictions. While most of us were too superstitious to give predictions- we were able to put together a comprehensive list covering pop culture, advertising, social media and, well, … Continue reading

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Through the Ears of a (hip-hop) Entrepreneur

Believe what you will, but the truth is that 99% of famous and successful musicians didn’t just record a song and sit around waiting for a deal to knock on their door. In 2000 record sales were ten times what … Continue reading

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Stay Humble

Everyone loves a rag-to-riches story because America was founded upon a sense of can-be-done. You want to walk on the moon? You want to be the king of the East Coast hip-hop scene? You want that legacy? Tryin’ to get … Continue reading

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Set Your Goal

When Dwayne Carter was just a pre-teen he set a goal for himself: he was going to be the best rapper alive.  That aspiring hip-hop artist was a New Orleans resident who now goes by the name of “Lil Wayne.”  … Continue reading

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The Prologue To the Blog

The other day, some of my colleagues and I were sitting around talking about the greatest songs of all time. And the conversation turned to the meanings of some of those songs, their inspiration, or how the song had been … Continue reading

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