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Get real. Follow your dream.

“The sad face of dreamers, waking to the life that passed them by. They follow forever the flame that holds their eyes.” Keep up with the flame. Make things happen. In 2006, Chicago-based band Wax on Radio released Exposition – … Continue reading

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Never Say ‘Never’ If You Can’t Deliver

Lying is immoral. No matter one’s background, that’s a lesson we all learned at an early age. Lies destroy trust – posing an opportunity for the rapid demise of any relationship. The only way to avoid the risk of being … Continue reading

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‘Round Here’ You’re Not Going to Please Everyone

In the music industry, some musicians are praised for being odd, strange, or just downright crazy. Their unconventionality can even be interpreted as an admirable level of genius. Why? It’s because many of them think differently. Their intrinsic creativity breeds … Continue reading

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