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Get real. Follow your dream.

“The sad face of dreamers, waking to the life that passed them by. They follow forever the flame that holds their eyes.” Keep up with the flame. Make things happen. In 2006, Chicago-based band Wax on Radio released Exposition – … Continue reading

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Come On, Be Memorable

You’re in the car with a few buddies when it comes pulsing through the speakers.  You’ve heard it before, so you know how this works.  These high-pitched staccato notes will soon be joined by a deep, electronic sound and then … Continue reading

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I don’t feel like giving this a title. So I wont.

I love writing. I truly do. I have two blogs of my own and binders full of abandoned scripts and stories to prove it. But there are few things, (mustard, mayonnaise, and digging holes)  that I dislike more than being … Continue reading

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Starting a business with a socially conscious goal is golden

As I was surfing the internet recently, I came across Trombone Shorty, a great jazz trombone player who lives in New Orleans. As I played some of Shorty’s tunes, I began to think of Hurricane Katrina, my relatives who still … Continue reading

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Believe in the Process

By Rachel Bukstein I was wondering the other day.. If I were to write a novel, would I plan out the story from start to finish, detailing each plot twist, or would I let the story unravel naturally? I think … Continue reading

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When you have eliminated the possible, look at the impossible

Over the last week, my husband, Ken, and I purchased tickets to two upcoming performances in NYC. The first, Robert Wilson returns to one of his former stomping grounds at BAM in Brooklyn to stage his version of Bertolt Brecht … Continue reading

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Never Say ‘Never’ If You Can’t Deliver

Lying is immoral. No matter one’s background, that’s a lesson we all learned at an early age. Lies destroy trust – posing an opportunity for the rapid demise of any relationship. The only way to avoid the risk of being … Continue reading

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Through the Ears of a (hip-hop) Entrepreneur

Believe what you will, but the truth is that 99% of famous and successful musicians didn’t just record a song and sit around waiting for a deal to knock on their door. In 2000 record sales were ten times what … Continue reading

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The Background

(go ahead & press play if you haven’t already) When Kaitlin Maud asked me to guest blog here, she said:  “In many ways you are an entrepreneur, and as a DJ you instinctively understand the way in which music sets the … Continue reading

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Monday night, I was fortunate enough to attend Mass Talent event at Hill Holliday. Our New Business Coordinator, Kelsey Graham, sat on a panel of 9 young professionals to speak on the growing role of digital media in the workplace. … Continue reading

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