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No one is irreplaceable.

A few weeks ago, I went to the Bank of America Pavillion to see Night Ranger, Foreigner and Journey – a few of my all-time favorite bands.  (When you are done laughing, you may continue.) The stadium was filled with … Continue reading

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Have your senses been fooled lately?

Have you ever taken a sip of a drink, expecting one thing, but then tasting another? I once had a similar experience with this song, Mother Mother, by Tracy Bonham. It’s one of my favorites from the 90s. Each time … Continue reading

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A great performance can go a long way

Have you ever gone to see one of your favorite bands in concert, and walked away completely uninspired? It’s happened quite a few times to me – the worst of which was seeing Boston in 1988. They sounded great, but … Continue reading

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The only thing constant is change

Just before the holiday break, I had lunch with Small Army social media strategist, Kaitlin Maud about social media and storytelling – in particular, we talked about morals of stories, and how each of us should have a moral to … Continue reading

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What do you dream about?

When Foreigner’s Juke Box Hero began playing on my iPhone recently, a chill came over me.  I hadn’t heard this song in ages.  But, it immediately took me back to my high school days.  I remember listening to the song … Continue reading

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Another lesson from Schoolhouse Rock

No, this tune is not on my iPhone.  I was actually flying on Virgin America (an entrepreneurial story for another article), and came across this while scanning the music on “Red”. The picture of that little boy sitting next to … Continue reading

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Please just leave me alone

I was recently told that, when someone is interrupted, it takes up to 20 minutes to “get back into the zone.” I don’t know about you, but on most days (with the possible exception of client meetings), I can’t go … Continue reading

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iPhone, iPads and Kindles – You Can't Do That

As I left my office last night, the rain was pouring down. So, as any normal human would do, I immediately pulled out my iPhone, which seems to have an app to take care of everything. But, sadly, I could … Continue reading

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Entrepreneurs need to smell the roses too

By nature, entrepreneurs are fast-paced non-stop workers. Upon finishing one task, we quickly move on to the next. We never stop thinking.  We dream about ideas while we eat, while we sleep and while we work. Even as I sat … Continue reading

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Zappa's dancing fool was not so foolish

Don’t know much about dancin’ That why I got this song One of my legs is shorter than the other Both of my feets too long Forced now right along with ‘em I got no natural rhythm For most people, … Continue reading

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