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Get real. Follow your dream.

“The sad face of dreamers, waking to the life that passed them by. They follow forever the flame that holds their eyes.” Keep up with the flame. Make things happen. In 2006, Chicago-based band Wax on Radio released Exposition – … Continue reading

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Wingsplay: Invading or Invited?

Back in the Mad Men days, advertising mediums were pretty much limited to print, TV and radio, where consumers could keep it at arms length if they wished. With the birth of Internet advertising some 15+ years ago, a whole … Continue reading

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Come On, Be Memorable

You’re in the car with a few buddies when it comes pulsing through the speakers.  You’ve heard it before, so you know how this works.  These high-pitched staccato notes will soon be joined by a deep, electronic sound and then … Continue reading

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Always be my… Customer?

Let’s go back to 1996.  Clinton is reelected, Dolly the cloned sheep is born (created?), and I turn 7 in November.  In my opinion, however, one of the best things to come out of 1996 was Mariah Carey’s “Always Be … Continue reading

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I don’t feel like giving this a title. So I wont.

I love writing. I truly do. I have two blogs of my own and binders full of abandoned scripts and stories to prove it. But there are few things, (mustard, mayonnaise, and digging holes)  that I dislike more than being … Continue reading

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“Wait, hold up! Is that meat in a pipe?!”

Back in 1994, I was a high school senior, and I tell you what, my Saturday nights were crazzzzyyyy. We’re talking large bowls of curried popcorn (as much as I wanted! seriously!), writing strange horror short stories (this kid knows … Continue reading

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‘Round Here’ You’re Not Going to Please Everyone

In the music industry, some musicians are praised for being odd, strange, or just downright crazy. Their unconventionality can even be interpreted as an admirable level of genius. Why? It’s because many of them think differently. Their intrinsic creativity breeds … Continue reading

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Originality Is Sooo “Yesterday”

When The Beatles recorded their hit, “Yesterday” in 1965, I’m pretty sure they weren’t expecting it to later become the most covered song ever written. With over 1600 recorded cover versions (according to the 2009 Guinness Book of World Records), … Continue reading

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Work Shouldn’t Be The Same ‘Old, Same ‘Old.

I used to work in an office; I mean a legit “office”. The kind with real cubicles filled with beanie baby collections and other creepy personal items to wash away the tan and beige horror of their surroundings. Sure this … Continue reading

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Why We Share

About a year ago, I saw Passion Pit at the House of Blues in Boston. I had never heard of them prior to the show, but after the concert, I was hooked. They’ve quickly moved to the top of my … Continue reading

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