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Get real. Follow your dream.

“The sad face of dreamers, waking to the life that passed them by. They follow forever the flame that holds their eyes.” Keep up with the flame. Make things happen. In 2006, Chicago-based band Wax on Radio released Exposition – … Continue reading

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Marketers: Why Do You Fight?

It’s not often you stumble across a song with a title that makes you stop and think. The song “This is Why We Fight” by The Decemberists is one of the few songs to have had that effect on me. … Continue reading

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Shut Up and Let Me Go

You wake up in the morning (a) feelin’ like P. Diddy, and (b) with what could possibly be an industry-changing idea.  An idea so original that you’re sure it will send your company straight to the top of the food … Continue reading

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Believe in the Process

By Rachel Bukstein I was wondering the other day.. If I were to write a novel, would I plan out the story from start to finish, detailing each plot twist, or would I let the story unravel naturally? I think … Continue reading

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When you have eliminated the possible, look at the impossible

Over the last week, my husband, Ken, and I purchased tickets to two upcoming performances in NYC. The first, Robert Wilson returns to one of his former stomping grounds at BAM in Brooklyn to stage his version of Bertolt Brecht … Continue reading

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“Wait, hold up! Is that meat in a pipe?!”

Back in 1994, I was a high school senior, and I tell you what, my Saturday nights were crazzzzyyyy. We’re talking large bowls of curried popcorn (as much as I wanted! seriously!), writing strange horror short stories (this kid knows … Continue reading

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The only thing constant is change

Just before the holiday break, I had lunch with Small Army social media strategist, Kaitlin Maud about social media and storytelling – in particular, we talked about morals of stories, and how each of us should have a moral to … Continue reading

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Love Story

Your speakers are blowing Your ears are wrecking Your hearing damage You wish you felt better You wish you felt better You can do no wrong In my eyes, in my eyes You can do no wrong In my eyes, … Continue reading

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